About Us

 Welcome to Gap City!

 Let’s talk about what we are not. We are not just another T-Shirt company pushing our brand on you. We are not a scam company just waiting to pull the rug out.

We lure people out of their daily routine, to do some good in the world. As an added bonus, You might just win the choice of a RAM TRX, Shelby GT500, or a Hellcat Redeye but that’s just icing on the cake.

We put others needs before our own.

Our goal is to offer you the products you actually need and the stuff you actually want.

Maybe you would like to buy some GapCity gear? We have a lot of fresh options. Don’t like our style? At Gap City, all of our apparel is fully customizable so you can create something you actually want to wear.

So what do we sell? Food. We sell food.

Our goal is for you to buy food for those in need. We have partnered world vision to make sure the food you buy actually gets to those who need it.

Maybe you just want to do a little grocery shopping online and avoid the stores? That’s cool too, we have a full grocery store available to you. Shipped directly to your door.

We always offer our entrees at a $1 to 1 exchange. That way you wont have to worry about missing a random 10x or 100x weekend. Maybe you want a way to earn extra entrees? We offer a $1 to 2 exchange when you choose to donate the items. Thats our way to help you realize that we all should put others needs above our own.

We have large pallet orders of the most needed food items, that you can contribute into. We have Clothing and shoes available to buy for someone else. Lastly, we have a number of hygiene products available.

So here is your golden opportunity to give a little and receive a LOT! Or give a lot, and receive Karma and satisfaction knowing you helped someone less fortunate than you.

ram trx mustang shelby hellcat redeye

Give A Little, Get A Lot