3-IN-1 Tape Measure
3-IN-1 Tape Measure

3-IN-1 Tape Measure

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3-in-1 tape measure

3 different measurement modes: roll mode, cord mode, & Sonic mode
Accurate to 1/100TH of an inch
Sonic measurement guide gives precise measurements
Large, back-lit LED digital display
The battery is not included in the product. (5A battery )

Weight(g): Without Packed card3pcs:693; Without Packed card:231; Without Packed card2pcs:462; With Packed card:224.

Package Weight(g): Without Packed card3pcs:713; Without Packed card:241; Without Packed card2pcs:482; With Packed card:225.

Package Size(mm): Without Packed card3pcs: 250*200*200; Without Packed card: 150*100*50; Without Packed card2pcs: 200*150*100; With Packed card: 170*255*63.